Haemato-Oncology at CCL

Our specialist team

The Haemato-Oncology Unit at CCL is a well-established clinical practice comprising of a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts, specialist nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and counsellors, providing treatment, including bone marrow transplantation, for myeloma, leukaemia and other haematological disorders.

Head of Department, Professor Ray Powles has had a long and distinguished career. His vast experience ensures the provision of a consultant led practice which incorporates the delivery of care within a modern, friendly environment.

Working hard to get the best for our patients 

Through regular MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) meetings the management of individual patients’ care is discussed and agreed upon. Effective communication between specialists is prioritised in order to coordinate optimum care and monitor progress.

The practice links to the multi-disciplinary unit at King’s College Hospital and has outsourced optimum regional diagnostic services from Hammersmith Hospital, St George’s NHS Trust, and The Royal Free for specialist input, where relevant for the individual treatment pathway.

An additional benefit of the private sector is having access to the best consultant specialists in each medical discipline, in all acute circumstances. Rapid diagnostics are obtained through our on-site pathology and imaging services, and same-day-opinions, which are so important for the delivery of a haemato-oncology service.


The majority of treatments for our patients are administered on a day case basis with patients monitored in the outpatient unit at CCL where we provide a full range of intravenous and oral treatments, and radiotherapy.

We have access to new targeted therapies and our research database allows for optimum use of the best available treatments. Our dedicated team of specialist haemato-oncology doctors, nurses and pharmacists ensure high quality and safe delivery of care for our patients. Where, for planned or emergency treatment, a stay in hospital is required we have a dedicated haemato-oncology inpatient unit at Parkside Hospital, staffed by specialist nurses and doctors, and accessible at all times.

Our philosophy of care is to provide treatment and support which is tailored to the individual patient and their disease. We encourage patients where possible to continue with their working and social lives and are happy to support and monitor patients who wish to travel or work abroad. Communication is provided at all times to support and monitor patients and their families outside the clinic setting, and to give patients access to specialist advice from relevant members of the clinical team.


Haemato-Oncology at CCL Consultants


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Parkside Hospital

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