Rapid Access Clinic

Our specialist Rapid Access Clinic is run by world-class clinicians 

It provides quick access to a range of diagnostic tests for patients, whose symptoms are non specific but concerning and who need a diagnosis so that a treatment plan can be put in place for them.

Patients who visit our specialist Rapid Access Clinic can benefit from the following diagnostic services and, as required, onward referral for surgery or treatment:

  • Urgent blood testing
  • Specialist radiology (X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, PET and CT scans, nuclear medicine)
  • Tissue sampling
  • Endoscopy
  • Drug therapy

Led by experts

Our Clinic is led by Dr Charlotte Rayner, a highly experienced Consultant Physician who specialises in the following areas of treatment:

  • General medicine, including acute presentation with general medical conditions
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Assessment and rapid diagnosis of possible carcinoma

Dr Rayner works as part of an expert multidisciplinary team including Consultant Radiologists who specialise in treating post-operative complications and acute medical problems related to cancer treatment.

Book now

If you have any questions about the Rapid Access Clinic or would like to book an appointment with one of our Rapid Access Clinic specialists, complete this form online or call 020 8247 3351.

For urgent appointments, please call 020 8605 2851, email Sally Blackwood, or send a fax to 020 8971 8010.


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