Surgery, when used to treat cancer, is a procedure in which a surgeon removes cancer from your body. All of our surgeons at CCL and Parkside Hospital are highly experienced doctors with special training in surgery.

Whether surgery is the most suitable option for you depends on many factors including your cancer type, the size of the cancer, and whether it has spread (stage), where the cancer is in your body and your general health.

Cancer types 

Surgery is generally not used for some types of cancer of the blood system (leukaemia), or lymphatic system (lymphoma), because cancer cells might be spread throughout the body. If the cancer is in many areas, surgery won’t get rid of it all.

Surgery at Cancer Centre London

Should you require surgery as part of your cancer treatment, this will be undertaken at Parkside Hospital, just down the road from CCL.

We offer surgery for the following types of cancers:

Our continuity of care means that we have a dedicated oncology floor at Parkside Hospital. Our specialist nursing team will ensure you have everything you need during your stay in hospital and will provide high-quality personalised care, coupled with individual diet plans together with the reassurance of your surgeon and oncologist being on hand.

The choice to see who you want, when you want

We believe that our patients should have the choice the see the consultant they want to, and we will make sure we fit our specialist care around you.

Treatments are delivered by our experienced and dedicated multidisciplinary team in our peaceful, private and state-of-the-art facilities.

Whatever you choose, our expert team will support and guide you through your course of treatment, ensuring that you are fully informed about every aspect of your care. Find out more about the care we provide at CCL and our values here.

Book now

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with one of our specialists, complete this form online or call 020 8247 3351.

Support Services

At CCL we provide support that caters to both the physical and emotional needs of the patient, before, during and after treatment.

We offer a wide range of services for patients, as well as their loved ones, designed to make a very difficult time as easy as possible, and to give our patients the best treatment and support possible. Our support services include counselling, group sessions and much more.

You can find the full range of our support services here. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Cancer Centre London

Parkside Hospital

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