Clinical Quality and Governance

Quality Accounts

We are proud to present our latest Quality Account as a sound demonstration of our commitment to quality and safety. We have aimed to measure our progress objectively, identifying where we need and want to improve centred on the areas of patient safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience.

This Quality Account is actively owned by all our teams. Driving forward our quality initiatives is a key part of our business, and modelled on our new quality governance framework which was short-listed for a number of awards in 2013. This Quality Account also helps us to openly report on what we do and what we need to improve upon. Our Quality Governance Committee is chaired by our Group CEO, and we actively continue to monitor all information, outcomes and feedback that we receive. This helps us to ensure that we are responsive to any changes in values, expectations and perceptions and that the services provided to our patients are based on best practice.

To view our latest Quality Account, please click here.


Independent Healthcare Providers Networks (IHPN)


Cancer Centre London is a member of the trade association for independent hospitals, IHPN (Independent Healthcare Providers Network) 

IHPN represents over 200 hospitals that provide services to insured, self-paying and NHS-funded patients. IHPN works with the Care Quality Commission to influence, impact and represent the high standard of quality care members provide patients within an independent healthcare setting.

Registration and accreditation

Cancer Centre London and Parkside Hospital both have an impeccable record of compliance with the legal standards of care for healthcare facilities.

Cancer Centre London is registered by the Care Quality Commission and bound by the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care, provided by hospitals, nursing homes and other residential units. The centre undergoes regular inspections by the Commission in order to retain this registration. A copy of their most recent inspection report for Cancer Centre London is available at

Cancer Centre London is also a Bupa approved Breast Cancer Centre, Bupa approved MRI Unit and Bupa Accredited Stem Cell Transplant Centre.

All consultants working at Cancer Centre London have to apply for Practising Privileges. In order to gain practising privileges the consultant has to demonstrate compliance with a number of parameters including:

  • GMC certificate
  • GMC specialist registration
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance (formally CRB)
  • Annual appraisals
  • Approval by Medical Advisory Committee of Cancer Centre London
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