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Cancer Centre London

World-class expertise Our team of leading cancer specialists are here to support you through your cancer journey.

Advanced cancer care With cutting-edge treatments, we offer some of the UK’s most advanced cancer therapies.

Fast and easy access No waiting lists means your treatment can start days from referral or even the same day.

Personalised care From diagnosis through to treatment and recovery, we support you every step of the way.

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    Cancer Care – Personalised for you

    At Cancer Centre London, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can turn your life upside down. From the moment you are diagnosed through to treatment and recovery, we are here for you, every step of the way. Our team comprises many
    of UK’s most experienced cancer consultant doctors who are leading experts in their field. Along with our team of cancer specialists they are here to support you through your personal cancer journey, providing a tailored care plan
    that looks after both your physical and emotional wellbeing.

    Worried about cancer?

    Cancer Centre London offers patients a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to help detect and diagnose cancer including:

    • genetic testing for breast, ovarian and colorectal cancers and for rare cancers
    • health screening for a range of cancers including skin, bowel, breast, ovarian and prostate cancer
    • a rapid access diagnostic clinic which patients can access to identify a range of medical conditions, not just cancer
    • nuclear medicine including Pet CT scans, to assist with more precise diagnosis and staging

    If you are worried that you might have cancer, we can help you get tested and diagnosed quickly.

    Treatment for all forms of cancer

    At Cancer Centre London, we’re able to offer treatment for almost every form of cancer from blood through to liver and lung cancer thanks to the combined expertise of our specialist consultants. Cancer treatments include
    chemotherapy, immunotherapy, advanced VMAT and IMRT radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy and surgery. We also provide a wide range of supportive services available to help you and your loved ones live well
    with and beyond your cancer. Our treatments are available to medically insured patients and self-paying patients. If you need cancer treatment now, our friendly and expert team can help guide you through the process.

    For more information about Cancer Centre London or to request an appointment, please contact our friendly and expert team.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    At Cancer Centre London, we’re able to offer treatment for most forms of cancer, thanks to the combined expertise of our specialist consultants. This includes:

    In rare situations where we are unable to offer treatment to an individual, our consultants will refer you to an approved specialist in your particular condition.


    Cancer Centre London provides a complete range of cancer treatments including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, advanced VMAT and IMRT radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy and surgery.

    • Chemotherapy – patients who need to undergo drug therapy for the treatment of their cancer can access a comfortable, caring and relaxed environment.
    • Immunotherapy – immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps your own immune system fight cancer. Immunotherapy is only available for certain types of cancers, but your consultant specialist can
      advise you on if immunotherapy may be a suitable treatment option for you.
    • Advanced radiotherapy – our dedicated and responsive radiotherapy team (consisting of Consultant Clinical Oncologists, Radiographers, Physicists and other healthcare professionals) provide a personalised and
      evidence-based radiotherapy service, ensuring that the highest standards of patient care. Patients can access advanced radiotherapy using the Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator which enables high precision treatment
      in managing a range of cancers in the head and neck, lung, breast and prostate. We also offer heart-sparing left breast radiotherapy using Active Breathing Co-ordinator (ABC), surface guided radiotherapy and 4D gated
      planning using VisionRT system.
    • Stereotactic radiotherapy – this type of radiotherapy is mainly used to treat very small cancers, including brain metastasis, bone metastasis, vertebral bone metastasis, cancer of the lung or cancer that has
      spread to the lung, cancer that started in the liver or cancer that has spread to the liver, cancers in the lymph nodes, spinal cord tumours.
    • Photodynamic therapy – photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a technique for treating skin cancers and sun-damaged skin, which could turn cancerous if left untreated. PDT can be used to treat various skin conditions
      including superficial or ‘thin’ basal cell carcinoma, Bowen’s Disease (a pre-cancer to squamous cell carcinoma) and Aktinic (Solar) Keratosis which is also a develop in skin cancer.
    • Surgery – should you need surgery, patients have access to over 300 specialist consultant doctors at our sister hospital Parkside Hospital, located adjacent to Cancer Centre London. Any patients who need
      inpatient care are treated on our oncology ward to ensure continuity of care.


    Every single cancer patient is different, and at Cancer Centre London we tailor each individual treatment plan to the precise needs of the patient. This allows us to offer the best treatment possible for each person.
    The variety of treatments on offer and the different needs of each patient mean that it is difficult to provide an estimate of cost until a treatment plan has been drawn up by the consultants. The services on offer from
    Cancer Centre London are available to patients with private health insurance, and also those who wish to pay for their treatment themselves. Most insurers will pay for cancer treatment, but as every policy is
    different it is important to check with your insurer. Cancer Centre London will pre-authorise any radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment plans with the patient’s insurer, once an estimate can be given. We are also
    able to quote for self-pay patients once the treatment plan has been agreed.


    As Cancer Centre London is a private facility, we are able to offer treatment and consultations for patients with private healthcare insurance, and for patients wishing to pay for their treatment directly. If you
    would like to arrange an appointment or procedure with a consultant at Cancer Centre London, you will need a letter of referral from your GP. Please consult your healthcare provider for details regarding your
    treatment options, as well as your financial choices.


    The best way to go about receiving treatment at Cancer Centre London is to ask for a referral from your consultant. They are able to compile all the necessary information and draw up an efficient and accurate summary
    of your condition, and so refer you for treatment in the shortest possible time. It is also possible to enquire about a referral


    We understand that waiting to see a consultant can be very nerve-wracking, so we aim to make sure that all new patients are booked for an appointment within a week of our receiving their referral. To ensure that the process
    runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, it is essential that we have all your documentation when you book your appointment, as if any items are missing there could be a delay in making your appointment.


    The majority of our patients undergo surgery at our sister facility Parkside Hospital, which is located a few doors up from Cancer Centre London, making the working relationship between the two hospitals very close and
    efficient. We are more than happy to provide a second opinion for you, and the quickest way to go about this is to make an appointment to see one of our consultants, using our
    online appointment form.


    Cancer Centre London we provide a range of supportive services available to help you and your loved ones live well with and beyond your cancer. This includes:

    • counselling
    • complementary ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ skincare sessions
    • complementary therapies
    • dietitian services
    • Information Centre
    • lymphoedema therapies
    • monthly lectures for patients and their families and friends
    • pain management services
    • patient support groups
    • physiotherapy including specialist breast care physiotherapist
    • sign-posting to other helpful organisations.


    At Cancer Centre London we frequently treat patients who have travelled to the UK for medical reasons. We have dedicated International Patient Coordinators who assist in all stages of treatment to make sure that our
    patients have the best experience possible. To be treated at Cancer Centre London, your relative would need to arrange for a letter of referral from their own doctor to be sent to one of our consultants, along with a
    histology report and reports of all previous diagnostic information, as well as any information on all previous chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy courses undergone in their home country. To make sure everything is processed
    as quickly as possible, it is best if these reports are written in English. Once all the necessary information has been assembled, please contact one of our consultants to arrange an appointment.


    Unfortunately, we do not currently have the facilities to treat children or under-18s at Cancer Centre London. For information about hospitals with dedicated paediatric facilities, please speak to your GP or consultant.


    Yes, at Cancer Centre London we are able to use our specialised radiotherapy equipment to treat a number of non-cancerous conditions, including Keloid scars, heterotropic bone formation, Dupuytren’s disease
    (contracture) and overactive thyroid disease. We also offer treatment for pre-cancerous conditions, such as Solar Keratosis and Bowen’s Disease. For more information please
    click here.

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