Why we are special – An overview of our latest patient information meeting

Our most recent talk for patients at Cancer Centre London focused on combating fatigue through exercise. The session was a great opportunity for patients, families and friends to come together to learn about the benefits of exercise and the management of fatigue.


Everyone has their own limits and personal approach towards exercise and this session provided an excellent opportunity for patients to identify what their individual aims of exercise should be (everyone is different), what type of exercise works best in terms of the individual’s condition (this will be based on the stage you are with treatment, how active you were prior to diagnosis as well as your personal preference, for some of us, being a gym goer just isn’t our forte) as well as very importantly, just where to start, (‘If you were running a race you would start at the beginning…’ don’t start off too hard and don’t try and keep up at a group glass – do what’s right for you now!)


There was a fantastic focus on heart rate monitoring during this talk where individuals could identify what is enough to reap in the benefits of exercise whilst not overdoing it as well as knowing when your body is ready to do a little more! The idea of keeping an exercise diary to monitor and track your progress as well as an exercise prescription was of great interest to those who attended, enabling you to acknowledge and be proud of what you’re achieving and how far you’ve come.


Exercise improves your physical capacity; it increases the function of your cardiac and skeletal muscles, it increases red blood cell production, increasing oxygen transport capacity of your blood as well and decreases the effects of muscle atrophy, but it also gives you confidence! Exercise is something you’re in control of and it gives you time out from thinking about your treatment. There are no reported detrimental effects of exercise with cancer, so take it slow and only when you’re ready, but give it a go!


However do be cautious, avoid swimming as this increases your risk of bacterial infection, don’t exercise if you have severe anaemia, consider the range of motion during exercise and don’t exercise in the heat!


This talk was just one of the many high quality talks tailored for our patients as part of your complimentary welcome package at CCL. For more details on our many topics and sessions for our patients visit our support page.


Date: 03/08/2016
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