IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy)

IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) ensures that radiotherapy treatment techniques are delivered with optimal accuracy.

IGRT utilises advanced imaging technology that can verify a patient’s position before and during radiotherapy. This ensures that treatment is delivered with pinpoint accuracy by matching a patient’s daily treatment position to their position at treatment planning.

At CCL we use various state of the art IGRT technologies including:

  • Cone Beam CT, where the treatment machine acquires a three dimensional (3D) scan of the patient’s position, it’s consistency with position at planning is verified by our highly trained radiographers using advance software technology. After verification radiotherapy treatment is only delivered if the patient’s position is within a defined tolerance.
  • CT-ON-RAILS, which allows radiographers to match the patient’s 3D soft-tissue anatomy with their anatomical position at planning before treatment delivery.
  • Our AlignRT system is a video-based 3D surface IGRT system that is used to image the skin surface of a patient before and during radiotherapy. This IGRT method is non-invasive and produces no irradiation during the imaging process. At CCL we use this technique daily as one of our means to guarantee optimum treatment position.

To find out more about radiotherapy offered at CCL, contact a member of our team.


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