There are a number of methods of chemotherapy delivery at Cancer Centre London, one of which is a PICC Line. This stands for Peripherally Inserted Central venous Catheter (PICC), which is a piece of tubing, or ‘line’, inserted into a main vein in the middle of the arm. The insertion involves a minor surgical procedure which is done either in the theatre or a treatment room.

The procedure usually takes up to an hour and a chest x-ray is required to ensure the correct positioning of the line. A PICC Line avoids the need for repeated injections and needle sticks, or for a cannula, and can be used for chemotherapy administration, taking blood and receiving intravenous hydration fluids.

The site of the PICC Line will need to be covered until the incision heals, and the patient is required to cover the line with a waterproof bandage when showering, and to avoid baths. The patient will not be able to go swimming while the line is in place.


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