Please bear with us while we make improvements

Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London (CCL) are excited to be launching a new patient administration IT system this month. The newly upgraded web-based APAS booking system goes live at Parkside and CCL tomorrow, Friday 18 September.
Staff and consultants across the hospital have been attending a training programme during the last month to prepare for the introduction of the new technology.
Speaking about the new development, Susan Caratelli, Director of Operations at Parkside and CCL:
“We’re really excited to be implementing this new system, which is more patient-centric and integrates better with existing technology at our sites. It pulls together many of the patient administration and clinical systems we currently use into one streamlined digital system. For example, consultants will now be able to view electronic patient medical records during the consultation, resulting in a much more streamlined experience for our patients.
However, as with all major IT projects, we’re taking the time to identify and fix any teething problems in its first few weeks, and to fully train all our staff to use the new system. As we implement the new system and make improvements to our overall service, we may be a bit slower in getting back to you, so please bear with us if there are any delays at our reception areas or while on the phone when booking in for your appointment/admission, while our staff get accustomed to the new system.
These delays will only be for a short time, and we’re confident that in the long run our new patient administration system will bring about real benefits including better management of patient information, faster processing of referrals, admissions and discharges, and improvements to the efficiency and management of patient care.”
Please remember to have your patient and payment information to hand prior to treatment. 
Parkside and CCL are committed to a programme of continuous investment to improve facilities and services and to bring patients the best possible healthcare in the most comfortable surroundings. Recent developments have included building a new Day Unit and reception area, and a new MRI.  
If you have any queries or would like to know more, you can speak to our team on 020 8247 3351 or email
Thank you for your patience.
Date: 17/09/2020
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