Celebrating Quality at Cancer Centre London – Care Quality Commission Inspection

Cancer Centre London excelled within its comprehensive inspection carried out by the Care Quality Commission* (CQC) in May 2016.

The CQC reviewed how the centre provided medical care and treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) to patients attending on an outpatient basis. The inspection concluded that the centre was ‘good’ in the four areas they assess for all services, relating to safe, effective, caring and well led. Furthermore, they reported our service to be ‘outstanding’ in its responsiveness to patients.


We are celebrating this CQC Quality Report and delighted that the inspection team recognised our areas of outstanding practice within the centre, including heart sparing radiotherapy (which won the LaingBuissan award for innovation in technology in 2015) and our radiotherapy technique for controlling Dupuytren’s diseases with excellent results. The report also acknowledged the service for being outstanding in its responsiveness to the needs of our patients and praised the centre for giving patients individual treatment plans and appointments to fit around patient’s preferences and other commitments.


We are delighted with this CQC Quality report as it is an independent appraisal and honest comparative national standards review, acknowledging the centre for its high standards, service and work we pride ourselves on delivering. We are pleased that the report also recognised the hard work put in by our staff, highlighting that they ‘saw staff demonstrate kindness and compassion in dealing with patients and their families’ as well as noting the acknowledgement by our patients too, stating that ‘patients praised staff for their care and attention’ and would recommend the centre to their friends and family. For more information and to view the full CQC report see here.


* The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulatory body of health and adult social care in England, responsible for checking that all hospitals in England are meeting national standards.

Date: 26/08/2016
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