CCL achieves prestigious accreditation and meets ‘international best practice standards’



Cancer Centre London (CCL) and Parkside Hospital Oncology Service is delighted to announce that it has received the prestigious CHKS oncology standards accreditation and ISO certification for its processes, standards and quality system, which meet international best practice standards.

The accreditation was awarded by CHKS, a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services, following a rigorous assessment by a team of external senior healthcare professionals, trained as peer review surveyors.

The accreditation means CCL’s processes and standards meet internationally-recognised best practice, legislation and regulatory requirements. This means that CCL’s services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

CCL’s services had to meet a set of standards set by CHKS across areas including Leadership and Management, Risk and Safety, and Patient-Centred Care.

Phil Bates, Hospital Director at Cancer Centre London, said: “We are extremely proud to have been recognised for delivering consistently high quality healthcare services to an international standard. Our cancer patients come to us from all corners of the country, and this accreditation gives them that extra confidence that they are receiving world-class treatment. The whole team have done themselves and their patients proud.”

Moyra Amess, Director, Benchmarking, Assurance & Accreditation, said: “The accreditation process requires dedication and commitment. Every organisation we make this award to has proved to our external assessors that its standards and process meet international best practice standards. This is a significant achievement.”

Date: 15/03/2021
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