Cancer Centre London Showcases New Radiotherapy Technology to Local GPs

On Saturday 24th January, the GP Liaison Team at Cancer Centre London hosted a launch lecture programme to introduce local GPs to the brand new Elekta Versa HD radiotherapy delivery machine.

Dr Robert Huddart and Dr Vincent Khoo, both experts on urological cancers, delivered brief lectures on how the new Elekta Versa HD machine has changed the treatment procedures for prostate, testicular and bladder cancers. They were joined by Dr Merina Ahmed, lung cancer specialist, and Dr Anna Kirby, breast cancer specialist, both of whom discussed the benefits of more accurate delivery systems in the treatment of tumours in the chest area. These first-hand accounts of the benefits available to patients treated with the Elekta Versa HD radiotherapy delivery machine were greatly appreciated by the audience of local GPs.

The Versa HD linear accelerator machine offers advanced radiotherapy techniques that enable high precision treatment in managing a range of cancers in the head and neck, lung, breast and prostate. It has the ability to continually reshape the radiation beam to the fine contours of the tumour so a higher dose of radiation can be delivered. In addition the Versa HD uses automated software called "Response" in conjunction with Active Breathing Control (ABC). This permits advanced 4D radiotherapy delivery, where motion management is taken in account during treatment. This technology is used when treating left-sided breast cancer. ABC with Response will ensure that the Versa HD only delivers radiation treatment when the patient is in breath hold and the heart is fully out of the radiation field. The machine was designed in collaboration with clinicians, so it is fine-tuned to the patient's needs.

The new Elekta Versa HD is already in use at Cancer Centre London and delivering fabulous results. The official opening ceremony is scheduled for 7th March, which will be a major event with nine leading consultants presenting.


Date: 27/01/2015
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