Cancer Centre London is accredited by CHKS


Cancer Centre London has been accredited by CHKS for its processes and standards which meet international best practice standards.

Following assessment by a team of external senior healthcare professionals, trained as peer review surveyors, Cancer Centre London has been accredited by CHKS. This means its processes and standards meet internationally-recognised best practice, legislation and regulatory requirements.

Accreditation by CHKS provides a standards-based framework for quality assurance and quality improvement. Taking part in the process of accreditation gives an organisation the resilience and vigilance required to deliver consistently high quality healthcare services.

CHKS uses an online system to record information about processes and standards which are submitted by the applicants. This allows users to view comparative information between departments and services and to monitor performance, progress and compliance. Once this information has been submitted our external team of surveyors carries out a final assessment.

As Keisha Robinson, Radiotherapy Services Manager said: "This award was achieved due to our teamwork and partnership in demonstrating that we go beyond compliance to deliver first class care to our patients"

Moyra Amess, Associate Director, Assurance and Accreditation, CHKS said: “The accreditation process requires dedication and commitment. Every organisation we make this award to has proved to our external assessors that its standards and process meet international best practice standards. This is a significant achievement.”

Congratulations to all the team on this fantastic achievement! 

To find out more about CHKS please click here.

Date: 08/12/2017
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