Cancer Centre London supporting the NHS in fighting Covid-19

Cancer Centre London has today announced that it is supporting the NHS response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a move that sees independent hospitals nationally unite with the NHS, more beds, ventilators and thousands of extra healthcare staff will be made urgently available to help the health service manage the expected surge in cases.

Aspen Healthcare’s eight hospitals and clinics in England and Scotland, including Cancer Centre London, will be supporting the NHS face the Covid-19 pandemic and helping to deliver other urgent operations and cancer treatments.

A total of 20,000 healthcare staff across the independent sector will be joining the NHS response to the global pandemic. London, which has been hardest hit by the virus in the UK, will benefit from over 2,000 extra hospital beds, and over 250 operating theatres and critical beds.

Rob Anderson, CEO of Aspen Healthcare said:
“Discussions have been on-going between the Department of Health, Aspen Healthcare and all the independent sector providers to identify additional capacity which can be offered to the NHS to help deal with the Covid-19 situation. We are determined to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the NHS and wider healthcare community to help in the national interest at this time of crisis.”

Matt Hancock, Health Secretary said: “I know how hard the NHS have been working to secure extra beds and staffing. This is great news for the hospitals and staff doing everything they can to combat Coronavirus. I want to pay particular tribute to those heroes returning to front line to support their colleagues and help as many patients recover from the virus.”

David Hare, Chief Executive of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network said: “Independent hospitals are boosting emergency capacity to put at the disposal of the NHS over these coming weeks. We have worked hand-in-hand with the NHS for decades and will do whatever it takes to support the NHS in responding to this pandemic.

“This significant additional capacity across the country will be a major boost to the NHS’s efforts to treat those patients that need hospital care over the coming period and the independent sector stands ready to maintain that support for as long as needed.

More information on Aspen’s response to the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

Date: 21/03/2020
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