Aspen CEO Quality Symposium 2017

Last week Aspen Healthcare held the 3rd annual CEO Quality Symposium in which teams from across all the Aspen hospitals and clinic presented ways in which we had improved on our three core values.

These values are: 
  • Patient Safety – improving and increasing the safety of our care and services provided.
  • Clinical Effectiveness – improving the outcomes of any assessment, treatment and care our patients receive to optimise patients health and well being.
  • Patient Experience – aspiring to ensure we exceed the expectations of all our patients. 

DhanaJayan Kothandan, from our Radiotherapy Department, won the CEO Award 2017, for his presentation on "The Impact of 4D CT on Lung Patient's at Cancer Centre London". This is a great achievement for the department and recognises all the hard work they do at Cancer Centre London!  

Date: 14/11/2017
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